Role of AI in Education:

nehal varshney
5 min readNov 29, 2021

As the aspect of technology is growing all over the world, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning has been playing a major role in growth and development in many industrial as well as education fields. According to research, performed by eLearning industry, the statistical data shows that more than 47% increment of usage of Artificial Intelligence in education related management will be implemented in the next three to four years.

While the existence of Artificial Intelligence techniques has been for quite a long time in the society, its role in education can be seen growing immensely from the time of pandemic, where the entire world was forces to infuse technology in their traditional teaching methods in order to carry on their educational institutions even during these tough times. Now, because of these new changes that took place in the education sector, now more than 85% of the educationists prefer to introduce the role of technological methods to enhance education. Artificial Intelligence is a power tool that can optimize learning as well as teaching, helping the education sector so that it can evolve for the betterment of students and teachers.

Benefit of Artificial Intelligence for students:

In the race of who will outsmart and excel in their carriers, the main objective of a student has always been to learn their respective subjects, score well in them and obtain their degrees. This is where AI can come into play and improvise their aim by giving in benefits like a better personalized learning plan, access to right courses and an improvised study plan to increase a student’s efficiency. If utilized in a correct and intelligent manner, AI can turn out to be a boon for students in the following ways:

Personalized Student plans:

In the era where every individual desire for individuality, personalization of educational knowledge has become a growing trend in this sector. Artificial Intelligence has become an approach towards providing a learning to students based on their own pace and preferences that helps them learn in their own way which is comfortable and efficient for them. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it is now possible to come up with platforms that can adapt to a student’s style of learning, their speed to grasp things and help them maintain a plan for achieving their goals. Artificial Intelligent platforms can become a solution that can analyze a student’s learning histories and patterns, identify their weaknesses and help in offering courses most suitable for their improvement.

Effective Tutoring:

In the today’s growing competition, it is very common for students to take up extra help and learning experiences apart from what they study in their classrooms, many times teachers are only subjected to give limited knowledge to their students to complete the course, while not being able to give proper time to each and every individual to clearly solve their queries. AI powered chatbots and tutors have become a need of the hour to solve this problem to help students learn effectively. It is for sure that they cannot really replace a teacher, rather they can act as a helping hand to a teacher to helps students clarify their doubts anytime required, sharpen their weak points and come up with required explanations to a topic as in when required. This is an effective method to solve a student’s doubt one to one without the teacher being physically present all the time.AI powered chatbots have been tested in this aspect and have recorded an average response time of only about 3 seconds to reply to a student’s query.

Fast responses:

Many a times, especially during the time when examinations are coming up, students often bombard teachers with lots of doubts and queries, which often delays them in getting their answers as the teachers get loaded with a huge number of questions. This often becomes frustrating for students and they start lagging behind in their preparation as their doubts are not getting solved. AI can come to rescue in this situation as it can help students find their answers through conversational intelligence and support automation. This helps student save their precious time and get their queries solved as in when required.

Learning Anytime, Anywhere! :

When a student has an access to AI powered solutions, they are basically free to learn anywhere and any time of the day they wish to, all they require is a device and sometimes an internet connection to access the AI powered platform used for learning. This makes education very accessible without the requirement of any physical educator. Additionally, this accessibility of education has also enabled students to access some premium high-quality courses available from other countries or instructors that live far off, without actually being present in the location they teach from.

Getting Helpful feedbacks:

While it is important to learn a subject, it is more important to get to know your performance and how well you are learning what you are studying. AI systems are a very powerful tool that can monitor a student’s performance and provide significant feedback that can help a student to improve in whatever aspects they lack. These feedbacks can also help students understand which subjects or field they are good in which can also turn beneficial for them to choose their career prospects.

Benefit of Artificial Intelligence for teachers:

Most educators and teachers have openly admitted that they often struggle with managing their time as they have an immense number of tasks on their plate which becomes a hurdle to manage their daily schedules efficiently. Teachers wish to dedicate their time to each and every student and at the same time carry out their own researches and studies to become better in their subjects, but lack of time makes it difficult to perform their duties effectively. This is where AI can come into play, helping teachers to manage this educational gap by educational chatbots to assist them, automating day to day general tasks and monitoring the performance of students.


Just like how a personalized plan is effective for a student to learn their subject, it can also help educators improvise their teaching style and methods to come up with a way that can turn out to be more impressive to students. Educators, with the help of AI can monitor the growth and performance of their students and then accordingly come up with teaching plans to help their students overcome the challenges they are facing which is hindering their academic accomplishments.

Answering frequently asked questions:

An AI enabled platform can store the entire database of an educational institute. This can empower AI enabled bots to answer various queries that are generally askes by students, without any involvement of the teacher themselves. This will reduce the effort of the teachers and help them save their time in which they can come with more improvised learning plans and focus more on topics that are difficult to cover by coming up with a better leaning curriculum to engage their students more constructively.

Task automation:

With the help of AI, it is possible to automate every day tasks to ease the day-to-day tasks of educators. Most common tasks that can be automated include correcting papers, administrative tasks, answering frequently asked questions and adapting effective learning patterns etc.